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Good morning. We have a cool line up of business ideas/side hustles that make the most of different specialties (I know there’s plenty amongst you subscribers). Today is Wednesday, Feb. 21st, and we’re covering:

💡3 Business Ideas: Remote Sensing Analyst, Online Wilderness Guide Training, Patent Agent
💸 3 Side Hustles: Specialty Cooking Classes, 3D Printing Services, Cultural Experience Curator
✈️ 70+ Worldwide Job Openings: 12+ Different Industries, Government, Contract and Private Gigs

But first! A sneak peek into the new Veteran’s Wallet Pro, reopening signups on March 17th. 1,000+ side hustles, 400+ business ideas, hundreds of trends discovered to build a startup on, 1,000+ contract companies listed, dozens of professional cover letter templates, and 750+ jobs hiring worldwide - private, contract, federal. This has been a TON of work, based on so many comments and suggestions.

If interested, the doors reopen on March 17th. I will give more details in upcoming emails.

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💡 The Business Idea Corner

 🛰️  Remote Sensing Analyst

> You'll serve clients in need of detailed, data-driven insights for land use planning, environmental monitoring, agriculture optimization, and more—across satellite image analysis, geographic information system (GIS) integration, and custom data analysis projects tailored to specific client needs. Your sales channels will encompass direct B2B engagements, strategic partnerships with environmental consultancies, and a robust online presence where you can show case studies. This venture does require expertise in remote sensing technology, GIS software, data analysis, and a deep understanding of the sectors you aim to serve. Your revenue model will pivot on project-based fees, subscription services for ongoing monitoring, and consulting for clients requiring bespoke analysis.

🆘  Online Wilderness Guide Training

> You’ll cater to individuals seeking to gain or improve their survival skills, all remotely. Targeting outdoor enthusiasts, career changers, and professionals in the eco-tourism sector, you can offer a range of services from basic wilderness survival courses to advanced guide certification programs. You’ll need the wilderness skills, access to varied natural landscapes for training, and a robust online platform to manage bookings and content. Your revenue model will encompass course fees, gear sales, and potentially membership subscriptions for ongoing training resources and community access—ultimately selling not just the skills, but also the confidence to explore and guide in the wilderness responsibly.

👨🏻‍💻 Patent Agent

> Your business will cater to tech entrepreneurs, individual inventors, small to medium-sized enterprises, and startups looking for specialized patent-related services so they can protect their intellectual property cost-effectively. Your job? Do the patent searches and drafting to application filing and prosecution, with a focus on high-tech and innovation-driven sectors. LinkedIn would be ideal for you to network, while having a dedicated blog to showcase expertise, before launching ads. Your revenue model will be based on a combination of fixed fees for standard services, hourly rates for complex projects, and retainer agreements for ongoing consultancy. You do need knowledge of patent law and the patent application process, but equally importantly, the ability to translate complex legal and technical concepts into client-friendly language.

💸 The Side Hustle Corner

🍽️ Specialty Cooking Classes

> Problem: Individuals with specific dietary requirements struggle to find cooking classes that cater to their unique needs.
> Opportunity: The growing awareness and acceptance of diverse dietary preferences present a prime market for specialized cooking classes, addressing an underserved segment.
> Solution: Offer tailored cooking classes that empower individuals with dietary restrictions, from gluten-free to vegan, by teaching them to prepare delicious, healthy meals at home.
>Who It's For: Health-conscious individuals, those with dietary restrictions, and anyone looking to expand their culinary skills to include specialized diets.
> How Much: Starting at $500 per month for group sessions, with the potential to expand to private classes and online courses for higher earnings.

🖨️  3D Printing Services

> Problem: Many individuals + small businesses are eager to bring their unique ideas to life, but lack access to or knowledge of 3D printing technology.
> Opportunity: The growing demand for personalized products and prototypes provides a perfect opportunity for 3D printing services.
> Solution: You provide accessible, high-quality 3D printing services (either contracted to a studio or with your own purchased printed) that turn digital designs into tangible realities.
> Who It's For: Entrepreneurs, designers, educators, and hobbyists looking for an easy and affordable way to bring their digital creations into the physical world.
> How Much: Starting profits range from a few hundred to thousands per month, with potential for significant growth as demand for custom 3D printed products expands.

 🥁  Cultural Experience Curator

> Problem: Many people crave authentic cultural experiences but struggle to find or organize them in between their busy lives.
> Opportunity: There's a booming desire for immersive, enriching cultural encounters that transcend the typical tourist activities, presenting a niche market.
> Solution: You craft tailor-made cultural experiences that connect individuals with local traditions, cuisine, and art, offering a deep dive into the essence of a culture.
> Who It's For: Adventure-seekers, cultural enthusiasts, and anyone looking to broaden their horizons through unique, curated cultural journeys.
> How Much: Starting at $500 for personalized cultural experiences, with the potential to expand offerings and increase revenue significantly.

✈️ The Jobs Corner


Admin Project AsstBrighton, MIApply
PT Admin AsstJapanApply
Switchboard OpLiberty, NCApply
Senior Prog AssocUKApply
Adjud Admin AsstHouston, TXApply
Deloitte SAP ABAPIndiaApply

Aerospace & Aviation

Airport Ramp AgentCalifornia, USApply
Sim. Support Engineer IIHungaryApply
Technical Training MgrSavannah, GAApply
Crew Domain Bus. AnalystPolandApply
Av. Maintenance Tech. IIWichita, KSApply
Technical Services Eng.SpainApply


Flex PhlebotomistPortland, ORApply
Med Ops SpecialistPhilippinesApply
EMT FT NightsSunnyvale, TXApply
PSS / ParamedicIraqApply
Paramedic EvaluatorDes Moines, IAApply
Paramedic BasicSanta Clara, CAApply


Heating EngineerUKApply
Sr. Marine Prop EngineerWashington, DCApply
Engineer IIIndiaApply
Software EngineerDayton, OHApply
Comm/Elect/Radar EngineerBedford, MAApply
Lead Planning EngineerKuwaitApply


Prog. Control AnalystHuntsville, ALApply
PM & Control Mgr - CtrlUKApply
Cost Schedule AnalystSt. Augustine, FLApply
Accountant IJapanApply
Senior Finance MgrLafayette, COApply
Acc. Mgr - Navy SuitesPhilippinesApply


HUMINT Coll. Mgr - SMEUSApply
CI Analyst (G2X)Ft. Gordon, GAApply
35G Imagery AnalystLafayette, LAApply
Sr GEOINT Sys Eng.Chantilly, VAApply
SOC Threat Intel AnalystAlbany, NYApply
Sr Trainer - CI (35L)Ft. Huachuca, AZApply

IT & Cyber

IT Program ManagerOrlando, FLApply
UI EngineerQuantico, VAApply
Info Assurance Eng IIFort Meade, MDApply
Ind. Security AnalystSan Diego, CAApply
Info Sec. ManagerGainesville, VAApply
Senior Risk ScientistWashington, DCApply

Logistics & Supply

Res. / Sched. ManagerSan Antonio, TXApply
Airfield Ops. SpecialistIraqApply
Logistics Staff - HERRCNew York, NYApply
Army Log. Team Mgr.UAEApply
Log. Tech. AnalystStafford, VAApply
Logistics TechnicianUKApply

Maintenance & Facilities

Site Fac. Eng.Fort Belvoir, VAApply
Heavy Equip. Sup.KuwaitApply
Control Sys. LeadNewark, DEApply
Instr. & Ctrl. Eng.Houston, TXApply
Utilities/HVAC TechGroton, CTApply


Project ManagerUKApply
Safety ManagerYuma, AZApply
Eng. Design MgrN. IrelandApply
Finance ManagerNorfolk, VAApply
ILS ManagerAberdeen, MDApply
Site ManagerIraqApply


Sec. Ops CoordinatorMexicoApply
Security AnalystUKApply
Armorer (ARM) WPS IIIQatarApply
Defensive MarksmanIraqApply
EOD Triage TechForest Park, GAApply
Security SpecialistMalibu, CAApply
Security SpecialistMaui, HIApply
Guard Force Cmdr.QatarApply
GuardHawthorne, NVApply
Sec. Training Instr.Herndon, VAApply

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