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Good morning! If you’ve been job hunting for something that takes you abroad, we’ve got you sorted with this edition of exclusively international job openings. Today is Thursday, April 25th, and we’re covering:

💡3 Business Ideas: Breath-work Coaching For Remote Workers, ASMR Consulting for Brands, Late-night Gourmet Snack Delivery
💸 3 Side Hustles: Ethical Hacking Course For Individuals, Life Coach As A Veteran, SEO Update Consultant
✈️ 70+ Worldwide Job Openings: 12+ Different Industries, Government, Contract and Private Gigs

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💡 The Business Idea Corner

📚 Breath-work Coaching for Remote Workers

> Launch a breath-work coaching business tailored specifically for remote workers and home-based professionals seeking to enhance focus and alleviate the stress of their work-from-home lifestyle. Offer services ranging from individual coaching sessions to extensive monthly programs that include regular workshops and guided relaxation techniques. Market your unique offerings through targeted online advertising, content on wellness blogs, and partnerships with remote work platforms. Revenue is generated from individual session fees, bundled service packages, and a subscription model for ongoing engagements. This business model addresses the unique needs of the work-from-home population, promoting better mental health and productivity in their home office environments.

👨🏻‍💻 ASMR Consulting For Brands

> Get into the hot venture of ASMR consulting tailored for brands seeking to create immersive, sensory experiences in their marketing. You’ll be targeting brands across various industries like wellness, entertainment, and consumer goods that are eager to incorporate ASMR elements to engage a younger, sensory-sensitive audience. Offer a range of services from basic ASMR content creation to comprehensive sensory branding packages—promoting them via targeted digital marketing, influencer partnerships, and industry-specific conferences. The revenue model would be based on project-based fees, retainer agreements for ongoing consulting, and tiered pricing for different levels of service complexity.

🔐 Late-night Gourmet Snack Delivery

> Launch a late-night gourmet snack delivery service catering to night owls, food enthusiasts, and anyone with a craving for premium snacks outside regular hours. This venture targets urban professionals, busy households, and millennials who value convenience and quality. Offer a range of products from basic snack packs to luxury gourmet boxes, potentially incorporating organic and artisan options. Promote your mouth-watering offerings through targeted online advertising, engaging social media campaigns, and collaborations with lifestyle influencers. Sales are facilitated through a sleek, user-friendly e-commerce platform, with the option of a mobile app for ease of ordering. This business model combines the appeal of exclusivity and convenience, providing upscale snacks to satisfy those late-night cravings.

💸 The Side Hustle Corner

🎖️ Ethical Hacker Course - For Individuals

> Problem: Individuals seeking to enhance their cybersecurity skills find limited easy-to-access learning options for personal growth
> Opportunity: The ever-growing digital landscape has made the demand for cybersecurity boom, making it a lucrative area for a side hustle
> Solution: Provide an easy Ethical Hacking Course tailored for aspiring side hustlers, featuring hands-on projects, real-world scenarios, and expert mentorship.
> Who It’s For: Tech enthusiasts, IT professionals, and anyone looking to start a side hustle in cybersecurity, seeking to gain practical, marketable hacking skills.
> How Much: Basic online course access starts at $30, with advanced modules and live sessions available for an additional fee.

 🔨 Life Coach - As a Veteran

> Problem: Veterans possess valuable and in-demand skills and experiences that are underutilized in traditional career paths.
> Opportunity: The rising demand for personalized guidance and resilience training offers a profitable niche for veterans.
> Solution: Launch a Life Coaching service tailored by veterans, focusing on building resilience, leadership, and transition strategies.
> Who It’s For: Individuals facing personal and professional transitions who value guidance from those with firsthand experience in overcoming adversity.
> How Much: Coaching sessions start at $100 per hour, with package deals available for extended commitments.

 🥬  SEO updates consultant

> Problem: SEO agencies and companies struggle to stay current with the frequent updates and changes in SEO tactics, impacting their clients' search rankings.
> Opportunity: There's a strong market need for up-to-date SEO knowledge and strategies that can quickly adapt to search engine algorithms.
> Solution: Provide a cutting-edge SEO consultancy service for agencies and companies, offering real-time updates and strategic advice to maintain and improve search engine rankings.
> Who It’s For: SEO agencies, digital marketing firms, and businesses that need expert guidance to navigate the ever-changing landscape of SEO.
> How Much: From $300 per month for ongoing updates and strategy sessions, with premium services going for higher

✈️ The Jobs Corner


Admin SpecialistKuwaitApply
Admin Exec AsstAustraliaApply
Unit Program CoordGuamApply
Testing Admin SpecKuwaitApply
Postal ClerkJordanApply

Aerospace & Aviation

AH-64 Aircraft Mech 2GermanyApply
ATOC SpecialistIraqApply
ATC SpecialistCubaApply
Air Transp. Ops Spec.GuamApply
Aircraft MarshallerIraqApply
Aircraft Mechanic IJapanApply

Construction & Facilities

BAS Technician (OCONUS)IraqApply
Ops ManagerSouth KoreaApply
Carpenter ForemanAntarcticaApply
Public Works Dir.DjiboutiApply
Fac. Ops. SpecialistKuwaitApply


CBRN Military PlannerDjiboutiApply
Dispatcher - HaitiHaitiApply
Emergency Mgmt MgrAustraliaApply
Fire Equip TechQatarApply
Tactical Med InstructorJordanApply


Eng. Planning AnalystJapanApply
Electrical EngineerUAEApply
Chief/Lead EngineerGermanyApply
Ctrl. Sys. EngineerUKApply
Engineer AssistantBahamasApply
Field Service Eng.UKApply


Accounting Clerk IIBahamasApply
Budget AnalystCubaApply
Financial AnalystGermanyApply
Grants Mgmt Fin SpecPuerto RicoApply
Fin Mgmt AnalystGuamApply
Budget AnalystKuwaitApply


Air All-Source AnalystIntelligenceApply
CI/HUMINT AnalystBelgiumApply
Criminal InvestigatorBelgiumApply
FMV Screener, MidQatarApply
ELINT AnalystUKApply
Intelligence ConsultingQatarApply

IT & Cyber

Analyst FourGermanyApply
Cyber CI AnalystBelgiumApply
Cyber Security AnalystUKApply
Digital Forensics Sci.ItalyApply
ISSM IIJapanApply
Info Warfare LeadAustraliaApply

Logistics and Supply

Fuels ManagerIraqApply
Field Site Logist.South KoreaApply
Logistics Spec IVJapanApply
Material Ctrl SpecMarshall Is.Apply
Ops SpecialistPolandApply
WarehousemanMarshall Is.Apply

Maintenance & Facilities

MSEM Tech.QatarApply
Prod. Ctrl LeadHaitiApply
Ops ManagerIraqApply
Food Svc. Supv.HaitiApply
Sr. WarehousemanMarshall Is.Apply
Procurement MgrGermanyApply


Power Plant Mgr.IraqApply
Site Sec. Mgr.JapanApply
Property Mgr.IraqApply
Utilities Mgr.IraqApply
Quality Ctrl. Mgr.PolandApply
Tech. Prog. Mgr.GermanyApply


Supervisor EscortSaudi ArabiaApply
Fixed/Mobile GuardKuwaitApply
Physical SecurityCubaApply
Site Security MgrJapanApply
Supv. Phys Sec SpecKuwaitApply
F-35 Fighter PilotGermanyApply
Munitions InspectorQatarApply
Security Spec (AT/FP)KuwaitApply
Milsatcom TechGreenlandApply

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